32 Weeks


  Happy first day of spring!! We actually had some amazing upper 60 degree weather with sun and all today which was a REALLY nice break from the cold and rain we’ve been having. How perfect that today also just happened to bring us one week closer to meeting Andie?! 🙂

I’ve got quite the baby bump, as you can see, and while I’m loving it, it hasn’t come without its aches and pains! I wrote last week about my trip to the hospital and the rib pain that brought me there. Walking around, bending over, etc. at work for a full shift became too painful for me so my doctor and I decided to make the call and have me stay home via paid medical leave through my due date. The ability for me to stay home and still maintain an income was the best situation for me–while I still have some rib pain, it is nowhere near the level I was experiencing after being up on my feet for 8 hours like at work. I am definitely very thankful I can do this and I know its the best thing for me! It also doesn’t hurt that I now actually get to see my husband for 3 full days in a row as well as for the half the day on the days he works!

Moving on to something a little more fun–last Saturday (March 15) was my baby shower!! My mom threw it at her house and it was such a great time with friends and family. My mother-in-law, Brenda, and one of my best friends from college, Sam, helped my mom set up on Saturday and then I arrived about half an hour before the shower started. It was so cute!

IMG_2041 IMG_2448 IMG_2450 favor

I wanted a honeybee theme so that’s how mom decorated! How cute is that cake/cupcake display?! A lady that works with my dad made this–she taught herself via Youtube how to decorate cakes and she does such an amazing job (she made my mom’s birthday cake and my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary cake too!). Those favors with our daughter’s name on them? Daniel’s mom knows someone who raises bees and that honey is from their harvest in Wilmington, NC! Her friend also machine embroidered the fabric covers for each little jar of honey too–SO amazing!!

IMG_2456 poopy diaper game IMG_2470 IMG_2465 IMG_2472

The games were also pretty fun too! First we played the Dirty Diaper Game which consisted of passing around 7 different diapers, each containing the contents of a different melted candy bar haha We had to guess which kind of candy bar it was by either smelling it or tasting it which as you can see above, some were brave enough to do! LOL The second game was guessing what kind of baby food we were tasting after spooning a tiny amount on our plates. They were all pretty good actually with the exception of #4 which turned out to be turkey breast with gravy…totally disgusting–please don’t feed that to your kids. HAHA The last game was for everyone to guess how big my baby bump was by cutting a piece of ribbon that they thought would fit perfectly around me. Most people were actually pretty close and Daniel’s aunt beat out my mom by like half an inch!

JMU girls first jmu tee game present time

I had such a great time and I think everyone that came did too! I was so excited to see my closest friends from college and my police wife friends as well as family friends and family–just so awesome 🙂 We got a TON of stuff – there were some great things from our registry as well as so so many adorable clothes for Andie. I can’t wait for her to wear them all! The Monday after the shower Daniel and I spent a while in the nursery putting things away–seeing it all together makes it feel like we are even closer to her arrival!

IMG_2038 IMG_2039

Jam-packed with so much cuteness!! We are so thankful for all the gifts we’ve received from our friends and family near and far–our girl is so loved! 🙂

At 32 weeks, I’m feeling pretty good despite what I’ve already discussed. Andie is:

  • gaining a 1/2 pound per week now
  • most likely head down getting ready for her descent
  • also most likely feeling a little cramped in there

Her movements are so strong at this point because of the small amount of room left inside and her growing bigger and bigger. I feel her moving all the time (so does Daniel) and we can reeeeally see those movements as well. It’s so weird and so incredibly awesome at the same time! I’m pretty sure we were able to distinguish what part of her was jutting out on different sides of my belly while she’s moving like her cute little butt, her head, and I think either her heel, knee, or elbow! We just fall more in love everyday, with every movement.

SYMPTOMS: Fatigue, backaches, soreness in my lower right ribs, shortness of breath, heartburn

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Yes, along with regular clothes!


SLEEP: It’s getting increasingly hard for me to get comfortable at night (a lot of tossing and turning–poor Daniel!) and I’ve been having to wake up to pee before I really want to be up!

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: My honeybee themed baby shower! 🙂

MISS ANYTHING?: Having no aches or pains!

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT?: It is barely an innie at this point – only thing I don’t like about my pregnant body! haha


MOOD: In a nesting mood!


CRAVINGS?: No cravings


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