29 Weeks


We are getting so close – 11 (ish) weeks to go until Andie gets here! YAY! At this point I am definitely feeling the aches and pains of pregnancy. My back hurts most of the time, my feet hurt after working all day, I can’t seem to get enough sleep at night, and with a little girl the size of an acorn squash things are getting crowded making the bottom part of my ribs feel sore. BUT I couldn’t be more thankful that my baby is growing big and strong so she’ll be even more perfect when she arrives 🙂

This past week we’ve done a few more things to move forward with the nursery — we finally bought, ordered, and received the crib, went out and bought paint for the walls, and Daniel has taped off the entire room in preparation! I am super excited about the crib and can’t wait to see it put together. Painting will hopefully start in the next few days and I’m dying to see how the color turns out! I also bought cute little hangers for all her clothes today so I can start filling the closet. This weekend I am planning to do a small DIY project and make dividers to separate her clothes by months (NB, 3 – 6 mo, 9 mo, etc.) – I’ve already got the supplies I need! I’ll also be starting the two embroidery pieces I wanted to do to hang on her wall as well 🙂

Last night, Daniel and I went to the hospital where I’ll be giving birth to do a group tour of the maternity center! It was really exciting to see where we will meet Andie for the first time and what we can expect while there. A post-partum nurse led the group and began the tour in a large classroom going over visitation guidelines, vaccinations for baby, etc. After that we all followed her to the maternity center and began in one of the rooms we’ll be delivering our babies in. It was HUGE. I loved that they do all tests after the baby is born right in the room with you, so as long as everything goes well and baby and I are doing well, we shouldn’t ever be separated. They also encourage breastfeeding within the first hour of the baby’s life and make it possible to do so which is exactly what I wanted to do as well. Ideally, we’ll spend the first 2 hours in the delivery room and then will be moved to another room where we’ll stay for the remainder of the time we’ll be at the hospital. This room is also a great size and has a pull out sofa bed for the new daddy 🙂 The staff only comes around and feeds the moms but Daniel will get a special celebration dinner after the baby is born (choices are salmon, steak, or cordon bleu with sides and dessert!!) so I thought that was very cool! We were also very happy with the security measures they have in place there. We got to see the nursery but sadly there were no little newborns 😦 The good part about this though is that they like to keep babies with their parents while they stay at the hospital so that is why there are hardly any newborns ever in the nursery. We just really liked everything we saw and heard – it really eased my mind! After the tour, we also pre-registered at the hospital so we will be good to go the day Andie decides to make her appearance! AHH!! 🙂


I also found out this week that I passed my glucose test — HALLELUJAH!!! We had another doctor’s appointment this past Tuesday and was told that while everything looked good with my blood work, my iron was a little low so I have to start taking an iron supplement. I won’t need to take it every day but its something I’ll have to add to my regimen maybe like once or twice a week. Otherwise, everything is going perfectly, I’m measuring right on track, and we got to listen to Andie’s heartbeat again which was still beautifully strong! Speaking of strong, any movement I feel from Andie these days is strong and very noticeable–no more subtle kicks and punches haha I can feel her do what I think is some rolling or balling up on either side of my belly sometimes which feels so strange! I love those movements and somehow I think I am going to miss that even when she’s actually here in my arms. Love my little baby!!

SYMPTOMS: Fatigue, backaches, sore ribs

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Yes, along with regular clothes!


SLEEP: It’s getting increasingly hard for me to get comfortable at night (a lot of tossing and turning–poor Daniel!) and I’ve been having to wake up to pee before I really want to be up!

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Touring the maternity center!

MISS ANYTHING?: Having no aches or pains!

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT?: It is barely an innie at this point – only thing I don’t like about my pregnant body! haha


MOOD: In a nesting mood!

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: Acorn squash :)

CRAVINGS?: No unusual cravings!

At week 29 our little girl is becoming more active and she’s growing fat deposits under her skin which is increasing her energy. This girl is just going through some fine tuning at this point!! 🙂


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