25 Weeks


     In just 5 short days, we will only have 100 days left until the due date!! Can you believe that?! Time sure is flying! These days Andie seems to be quite the night owl. I do feel her move at various times during the day but she really starts moving around once I decide to lay down and go to sleep! Speaking of sleep, it is getting progressively harder to come by a good night of it. The eve of our crazy snowstorm was possibly the worst night of sleep I have ever had! It took forever to fall asleep, I couldn’t get comfortable, I had to get up to pee, then I was incredibly thirsty so I had to go downstairs and get water – basically the typical but awful pregnant woman’s night. 😦 I felt bad because I thought Daniel must have been so annoyed but when I told him about my night he didn’t seem to realize how many times I got up or tossed and turned; at least someone was in a deep sleep!

IMG_1734 IMG_1735

These are some pictures from our crazy snowstorm – we got 9 inches of snow! Here! We couldn’t believe it…I’m not a fan of snow but it did get me a snow day so I can be a fan for a day 🙂 The snow started Tuesday evening so before it got ugly Daniel and I went out and had a fun day going to Barnes & Noble and then to start one of our registries! It is definitely overwhelming because of the millions of options but very cool, especially thinking about how we’ll get to use all of this stuff soon with our daughter! We even grabbed a thing of diapers to kick things off 🙂 haha We have more to do which I’m hoping we can get done on Monday or Tuesday of this coming week. I love picking things out for this little baby!!


 These were the books  I got at Barnes & Noble! I knew I definitely wanted to get What to Expect: The First Year–not only because What to Expect When You’re Expecting has been so helpful but I wanted to get a sneak peek at some of the topics I’m going to care about when Andie is actually here too! I also knew that I wanted to read something on childbirth. I haven’t made it clear on this blog until now but my goal is to have a natural childbirth experience. I have read lots of things about Ina May Gaskin (<–check out her biography if you’re interested!), seen a documentary featuring her, and heard about how amazing her book is so I knew I wanted to pick it up. The book is a little crunchy in some ways but the overall message is something that really appeals to me and that is this: Women are powerful and we do not need drugs in order to endure childbirth. So much of what we hear is that childbirth is not only traumatic but unbearable (disclaimer: I do acknowledge that some births (as uncommon as it is) do in fact come to a point of being frightening and sadly sometimes fatal. I am more referring to the typical childbirth experience.). It’s so interesting how women are more apt to share their horror stories of pregnancy and/or childbirth with pregnant women than any wonderful experiences. This book is filled with stories from women who have had natural births and they are encouraging. I do believe pain has a very large psychological component and so I want to fill my head with positive and encouraging ideas about childbirth! Do I believe that I won’t feel pain if I’m thinking positive thoughts? Absolutely not. BUT I do think I would have a better chance at appreciating the experience and reduce the pain I do feel. Anyways, I am still learning and perhaps my views may slightly change but I do know that I won’t sway from wanting a natural experience because it’s important to me!

Wow, well this has been a long one! So without further ado:

Andie has now developed the ability to know which way is up and which way is down! She is also putting on more baby fat and growing more hair. If we could see it, we’d be able to tell the color and texture! I think she’ll probably have Daniel’s dark hair and she’ll have beautiful light eyes since mine are blue and Daniel has green/hazel-ish eyes 🙂

SYMPTOMS: Some fatigue, backaches (unfortunately, my job does not help with this at all), mostly while sitting I am feeling pain under my ribs, heartburn has returned with a vengeance

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Yes, along with regular clothes!


SLEEP: Not going so hot!

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Starting our baby registry!!

MISS ANYTHING?: Having no aches or pains!

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT?: Still an innie but I’m thinking it might become an outie in the near future…


MOOD: Feeling excited and motivated!

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: Cauliflower 🙂

CRAVINGS?: Still just having salty or sweet days!


6 thoughts on “25 Weeks

  1. I really hope you get your natural birth. I wanted that also but i couldnt handle the pain but it didnt make my experience horrible for me. Im actually glad i did because it made it easier for me when i had to get a csection. This last time i also got an epidural but i held it off aslong as i could because i wanted minimal exposure to the baby. I made it only to 5 cm the first time and this time till 8. I attempted a vbac but sadly im not able to have normal births. I wish i could have but doesnt make me any less a mom. So i think its awesome that you will be trying with no pain meds. Women did it for years before and i know you would be able to handle it. I would say be open to the epidural just in case but do your best to reach your goal. Wish you the best.

    • Thania,

      I’m sorry you’ve had some difficulties with your births! I won’t know what it will be like until I’m there but I hope I get the experience I’m looking for. Epidural or not, c-section or not, we’re all still incredible women just because we get to bring a precious life into the world!! 🙂 Thanks for your well wishes!

      • No need to be sorry but thanks. I attempted and that is all that mattered. i have had 2 healthy girls with luckily no healing complications. As you said we are incredible just because we can grow people. Which in its self its fascinating. I watched these 2 documentaries called The Business of being Born. i think you would like them. the second one mentions the lady you mentioned above and The Farm. Very encouraging documentary.

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