24 Weeks


 At 24 weeks we are bumpin’ right along and in about a month the third trimester will begin! I can’t believe the last leg of this pregnancy journey is pretty much right around the corner! Time is flying insanely fast. I’m getting to the point now where I’m not wanting to read so much about the pregnancy but everything afterwards–I just feel like, before I know it, Andie will be here and we’ll have no idea what we’re doing! haha I know all first time parents won’t know what they’re doing at the beginning but I’m sure it’s also true that we all are feeling some sort of anxiety about it as well. I want to start reading some books and have at least two picked out that I want to dive into – anybody have some recommendations for some great reads that proved to be really helpful?

Regardless, Daniel and I can’t stop talking about what Andie might look like, what her interests might be as she grows….basically, we are so excited to meet her and be her parents!!!

IMG_1723 IMG_1724IMG_1722

And that little girl in these clothes?! I mean come on. SO. CUTE. These were some outfits we bought at our first Babies R Us outing I wrote about last week. I love nearly everything from Carter’s and so far that’s what most of Andie’s clothes are right now.

So what’s going on inside this baby bump this week? Andie’s skin is becoming less translucent and is starting to look opaque, like ours, but with more of a pink glow. Her lungs are also fully formed! She is also putting on baby fat and will be gaining about 6 oz a week as she fattens up for her big entrance into this great big world. I can’t wait to kiss some chunky baby cheeks!! 🙂

SYMPTOMS: Some fatigue,  some round ligament pain, backaches (unfortunately, my job does not help with this at all), and mostly while sitting I am feeling pain under my ribs

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Yes, along with regular clothes!


SLEEP: I’m sleeping alright but it takes me a while to get comfortable

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Daniel put his head down on my stomach to talk to Andie and she kicked or punched him in head! HAHA!

MISS ANYTHING?: Nothing really!

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT?: Still an innie but I’m thinking it might become an outie in the near future…


MOOD: Feeling more and more excited but also somewhat overwhelmed!

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: Cantaloupe!

CRAVINGS?: Not craving anything really–still just having salty or sweet episodes! I took a huge jump in my food aversion yesterday and let Daniel cook chicken in the house while I was home lol It smelled really, really good and I even took a look at it so maybe I’m getting over it? Pregnancy is weird.


2 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. Baby clothes are so much fun, aren’t they? Love Carter’s the best…they’re so great! My mom and sister-in-law just sent me a package full of baby clothes from there. Everyone thinks boy clothes aren’t as fun as girl clothes, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the cute things available for my little boy!

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