23 Weeks


At 23 weeks, I have officially hit the 6 month mark!!! I can’t believe in just a couple of months we will be meeting our daughter for the first time! AHHH!!! 🙂 🙂 I have been able to feel Andie’s movements a lot more this past week and it’s been so fun and exciting. Days when I’m not working are generally when I feel her the most and this past Tuesday was no exception. I continually felt and saw movements throughout the day and Daniel was able to as well–Andie was obviously having her own little dance party that day! Speaking of seeing movements, that was the other BIG development this past week! I was reclined on our couch watching TV and started feeling Andie move. After a couple of kicks or punches I felt another movement that was so strong I looked down at my stomach and I could, for the first time, SEE the baby moving!! It was just incredible–I couldn’t believe it! Each movement makes me smile — it immediately catches my attention and I feel so happy and comforted. 🙂 She was actually moving quite a lot this morning when Daniel and I were waking up so it was a great way to start our day!


On our day off, Daniel and I decided to go check out Babies R Us for the first time. It was pretty cool getting to park in an “expectant mother” parking spot haha We spent a good amount of time walking around and checking things out and it was awesome to see many of the products I’ve been obsessively reading reviews about in person. I’m hoping that we will be starting our registry this week which will be really fun! I’m getting to the point now where I’m just ready to have Andie’s nursery set up or at least started so registering will be a way to kick off the whole process. I have decided to go with coral, mint, gray, and white for the colors in the room and have already picked out most of the decor — from some items of furniture to wall art! I’m SO excited!!!

SYMPTOMS: Some fatigue,  some round ligament pain, I’ve begun to experience leg cramps sometimes, and mostly while sitting I am feeling pain under my ribs

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Maternity clothes are slowly winning over when choosing what to wear for the day and I think I need to buy some new tops for work…some of my shirts are becoming too small in the belly area so they are riding up a lot lol


SLEEP: Sleeping pretty well but I may need to graduate to a full-fledged body pillow to alleviate some of the pressure on my hips

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Seeing Andie’s movements for the first time!

MISS ANYTHING?: Nothing really!

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT?: Still an innie but I’m thinking it might become an outie in the near future…


MOOD: I’ve been in a great mood :)

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: Grapefruit!

CRAVINGS?: Still avoiding grilled or baked chicken but other than that, no cravings or other aversions to speak of! The only thing I’ve noticed is that some days I’ll want sweet things and others I will lean towards salty :) I’m actually glad I’m not craving anything because I would hate to eat so much of something I love only to hate it after pregnancy!



One thought on “23 Weeks

  1. Those dance parties are the best, aren’t they!? I’m so fascinated by being able to see the baby kick from the outside now. I could watch it all day!

    I’m also feeling that urge to get things set up for the baby — but we don’t have anything yet! Definitely dreaming of decorating, though, and making a few items for the nursery (art, a lampshade).

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