20 Weeks


 We have reached the halfway point!!! I am so excited – so far the first half of this pregnancy has gone by REALLY fast. I can’t believe it’s half over! This coming Thursday we will also find out whether there’s a little boy or girl growing in there and I am completely beside myself–I hope these next 5 days fly by!!! I’ve read a lot of women  say that once they know the gender, that connection becomes even deeper and if it’s even possible, the love grows even stronger. I. CAN’T. WAIT. This baby has no idea the amount of hugs, kisses, and love coming it’s way!

I’m pretty sure I’ve begun to feel the baby too! When I’m really still, like while lying in bed at night, sometimes I can feel what I can only describe as a little tapping or something like that. I felt it while in the car on the way to Christmas at my mother-in-law’s while Daniel and I were listening to music and singing along and then I felt it the next day as well! It’s still nothing strong enough for Daniel to be able to feel and the frequency that I feel it isn’t as consistent yet but I’m excited to know that I’m getting there! It really is amazing and a sweet little reminder that I’m never technically by myself anymore or that it’s not really just Daniel and I sitting in the car–little baby is there too 🙂

SYMPTOMS: Some fatigue (especially now being in the 4th quarter aka Christmas Chaos at work), gagging has thankfully subsided but still happens sometimes, some round ligament pain, and I’ve begun to experience some leg cramps

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Loving my maternity clothes but I am still wearing all my pre-pregnancy clothes as well.

STRETCH MARKS?: Nope! Using that Bio Oil!

SLEEP: I am sleeping alright but I’m noticing that I’m getting more and more uncomfortable as the weeks go by – its hard to find a really comfortable position while laying in bed at night. I’ve started exclusively sleeping on my side and not my back as well as putting a pillow between my knees to ease any pressure in my back or hips.

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Feeling our baby move!!

MISS ANYTHING?: Not really!

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT?: Still in innie!


MOOD: I’ve been in a great mood :)

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: A banana:)

CRAVINGS?: Still avoiding grilled or baked chicken but other than that, no cravings or other aversions to speak of!


2 thoughts on “20 Weeks

  1. Rachel, you look so beautiful pregnant. You and Daniel are going to be amazing parents, because you have so much love to give to this baby. The love you have for your children and your grandchildren is like no other. Its a wonderful blessing. Your parents are going to spoil this baby with lots of love. Can’t wait! I love you

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