19 Weeks

19 weeks

With my crazy schedule at work, I just didn’t have the time to do a chalkboard post 😦 But there’s still a bump picture! 🙂 At 19 weeks, sweet Baby Herring is developing a protective coating on his/her skin and the nerve cells for all the 5 senses are forming as well. Can’t wait to witness Baby learning and discovering the world with those senses!! I still don’t think I’ve felt baby move yet…the other night while I was lying in bed I thought I felt something but wasn’t sure. I am still paying very close attention but I’m getting impatient!

I’m getting a lot of comments from people at work and now complete strangers(!!!) about my growing bump which sounds to me like I finally look pregnant to everyone! YAY! It’s so strange going through that in-between period where to others you could either be pregnant or gaining weight from eating too much haha However, not once have a I felt “fat” or felt down on myself because of the weight gain. For one, I know that gaining weight is healthy for me and the baby and I couldn’t be more excited to see my body change. Secondly, I have the sweetest husband in the world who tells me how much he loves seeing me pregnant and always, always lets me know that he thinks I look amazing all the time. He is just so awesome 🙂 🙂


SYMPTOMS: Some fatigue (especially now being in the 4th quarter aka Christmas Chaos at work), gagging has thankfully subsided but still happens sometimes, and some round ligament pain

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Loving my maternity clothes but I am still wearing all my pre-pregnancy clothes as well.

STRETCH MARKS?: Nope! Using that Bio Oil!

SLEEP: I am sleeping alright but I’m noticing that I’m getting more and more uncomfortable as the weeks go by – its hard to find a really comfortable position while laying in bed at night. I’ve started exclusively sleeping on my side and not my back as well as putting a pillow between my knees to ease any pressure in my back or hips.

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Having complete strangers recognize that I’m pregnant and ask me about the baby!

MISS ANYTHING?: Full energy!

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT?: In and took my piercing out since it was starting to feel a little uncomfortable and I would have to take it out eventually anyways!


MOOD: I’ve been in a great mood :)


CRAVINGS?: Still avoiding grilled or baked chicken but other than that, no cravings or other aversions to speak of!


3 thoughts on “19 Weeks

  1. Lookin great!

    The first movements I felt were just veerrrrry light inside and I wasn’t sure either! The first time I felt some real kicks, I also didn’t know what it was until it was happening more frequently — feels like a short muscle twitch!

    Hope you get to feel baby soon!

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