16 Weeks


Sweet Sixteen! This week, Baby Herring can listen to our voices thanks to the needed bones forming in his/her’s ears! As completely amazing as that is, I feel so silly just talking out loud to the baby by myself….I think it’s still the whole “I can’t believe I’m really pregnant and that there is a baby growing in there” mindset! Haha I think that when I finally feel the baby move (come on little one, throw some punches!), it will become more real that there is someone else with me 24/7 🙂 In the meantime, I am singing to him/her! 🙂 Some other awesome things happening–hair, lashes, and eyebrows are growing and taste buds are forming. Wow!

We are currently waiting for our next OB visit, which will be a week from tomorrow. The Dr. will listen for the heartbeat again and I’ll have some routine exams done, THEN we will schedule our 20 week ultrasound which is when we will find out the gender!!!! I am getting so anxious…I just want to know! I’m getting to the point where I am really ready to get started on the nursery and to start buying clothes. Speaking of which, I did find something really cute and gender neutral today so I bought it–YAY! First baby purchase completed! 🙂


As soon as I got home I sent Daniel a picture to show him and I was so excited I actually started tearing up–oh, hormones! Haha 🙂 Some other things I think we’ll really look into buying pretty soon are furniture (I’m thinking white for the nursery) and a stroller. I honestly don’t know how anyone ever decides on these things–so many options! Any great recommendations for a stroller? I’m thinking Daniel and I may want a jogging stroller like the BOB ones I’ve seen, just wondering what’s most functional for exercise as well as just regular everyday outings?

SYMPTOMS: Some fatigue but not nearly as bad, still dealing with gagging, increased appetite, pregnancy brain – it’s a real thing!!

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Just the pants I bought a couple weeks ago and I have about 4 tops now that I’ll be able to wear through the rest of my pregnancy.

STRETCH MARKS?: Nope! Using that Bio Oil!

SLEEP: I’m sleeping pretty well but this pregnancy rhinitis (pretty sure that’s what’s going on with my nose) is either making me wake up in the middle of the night or getting me up early in the morning to blow my nose. Bought a humidifier today – wish me luck!

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: I have 2! 1. Finding out that one of my good friends is also pregnant (Congrats Jess!!!) and 2. Seeing Daniel’s family for Thanksgiving for the first time since announcing our pregnancy and having a baby bump to debut! 🙂

MISS ANYTHING?:Being able to go a day without gagging. haha



MOOD: I’ve been in a great mood :)

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: An avocado! :)

CRAVINGS?: Still avoiding grilled or baked chicken but other than that, no cravings or other aversions to speak of!


2 thoughts on “16 Weeks

  1. Rachel, you are gorgeous first of all!! Secondly, you are the sweetest! Thank you for thinking of me in your blog!! I can’t wait to meet our little ones!!!

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