15 Weeks


As you can see in the picture above, this is the debut of my baby bump! Not much just yet but definitely noticeable to those who know me…otherwise, as my sweet husband said, “Yea, some people might think you’ve just been drinking a lot of 40’s!” HAHAHA Disclaimer: I do not nor will I ever drink 40’s. LOL Daniel has been very excited about seeing my belly grow–he comments on how much he loves it all the time. I can’t wait until baby has developed enough to hear our voices so we can talk to him/her all the time! 🙂 

I’m pretty excited about week 15! I’ve seen a few happy changes such as a growing belly, more energy, and rarely any indigestion or nausea (knock on wood!!). I am definitely liking the second trimester 🙂 At 15 weeks, I have read that baby is moving around a lot but I just can’t feel it yet. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT!!!! I’m so anxious and I will probably explode with happiness when it happens. In addition to movin’ all around, baby may be hiccuping, and now all his/her joints and limbs can move! Crazy right?!

SYMPTOMS: Some fatigue, sore melons (but decreasing…thank goodness),  gagging everyday…still driving me nuts, a little cramping every now and then.

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: I bought some pants on sale and will start wearing them now – they are so comfortable!!

STRETCH MARKS?: Nope! Using that Bio Oil!

SLEEP: I’m sleeping pretty well but this pregnancy rhinitis (pretty sure that’s what’s going on with my nose) is either making me wake up in the middle of the night or getting me up early in the morning to blow my nose. Maybe Breathe Right strips are in my near future?

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Buying my first pair of maternity pants!

MISS ANYTHING?:Being able to go a day without gagging. haha



MOOD: I’ve been in a great mood 🙂

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: A navel orange! :)

CRAVINGS?: Still avoiding grilled or baked chicken but other than that, no cravings or other aversions to speak of!


9 thoughts on “15 Weeks

  1. The excitement grows each week. You and Daniel get to celebrate 10 years of being together next week and I can remember all the times the talk of what you and Daniel’s baby would look like if y’all got married….. by the way, I’m thinking it’s a girl. 🙂

    • I can’t believe it will be 10 years!! How amazing that our baby will enter our lives at such a milestone! I can’t wait to find out the gender!!

  2. I also have rhinitis- lucky for me it’s something I deal with because of a dust allergy so it’s year round- BUT tends to act up in the winter and during pregnancy- so now. Try the Netty Pot. Usually if I use it twice a day for a couple days, then once a day it seems to clear everything up. Worth a shot : )

  3. I normally have a stuffy nose due to allergies, and I’m used to that…but pregnancy has made it much worse! It’s 4:30 in the morning right now and I woke up at 3 to pee and it interrupted my peacefully clear nose…went back to bed and couldn’t breathe again! So I got up and had a snack. So far the only thing that (sometimes) helps is rubbing a tiny bit of tiger balm on my nose – it burns, but it usually clears things out long enough to get a peaceful breathing pattern in!

    • I’m going to have to try something else because the humidifier and nasal spray aren’t cutting it for me unfortunately 😦 It’s very obnoxious!

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