Baby Appointment #2

Yesterday was our second appointment with the OB and we were so excited! We got in and I had a couple of routine exams and then learned that all we would be getting to get as far as baby was a doppler. At first we were a little disappointed because we REALLY wanted to see the baby again but our mood changed once we heard that sweet, sweet heartbeat. She was running the doppler over my stomach back and forth, up and down, trying to find the baby and then there it was – the most miraculous and amazing sound EVER…our baby’s strong heartbeat! She held over the spot for a little while and then it went away because the baby moved so she slid the doppler down and found it again – that in itself was even amazing to us! We were so happy and the doctor said everything looks and sounds great and to just keep doing what I’m doing 🙂 We love looking forward to these appointments; next one will be a little over 4 weeks away and I will be just over 17 weeks at that point. WOO!


4 thoughts on “Baby Appointment #2

  1. Yay!

    I live in Germany and they tend to do an ultrasound each time I go (usually first thing with me, since I’ve had two missed miscarriages and tend to be a nervous wreck each time. BUT I haven’t gotten to hear the heartbeat yet! They don’t do that here until much later, it seems. I think both must be equally magical.

    Congratulations and keep on plugging on! Are you feeling better now that you’re in the second trimester? I turned 13 weeks yesterday and I feel a lot less queasy. Just wish my appetite would come back. 🙂

    • Sarah, I’m so happy for you! 🙂 I AM feeling better now – I think I’m slowly getting my energy back and nausea isn’t around to annoy me anymore haha As for the ultrasound, it truly was just as magical hearing the heartbeat – it just seems so much more real that there is a living, growing person inside of me! I hope you get to hear it sooner rather than later but I am jealous that you are getting regular ultrasounds 🙂

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