First Ultrasound!!


Baby Herring’s First Picture!



Leading up to this day, I have been very anxious! I wanted to know that everything was ok and I knew I wouldn’t feel completely relieved until the ultrasound. We got to the doctor’s office and ended up having to wait 45 minutes to be seen because my doctor had gotten to the office late due to an emergency at the hospital. This wait felt like an eternity–not only because I was anxious but I had worked from 4 AM – 12:30 PM today and went straight to the office afterwards. LONG day! Finally I was asked to come back, gave a urine sample, got my blood pressure taken, and discussed my lab results from the blood work done the week before.

It turns out that my blood type is A Negative which means that I have the possibility for Rh Factor. Basically, because my blood is negative, that means I am Rh negative. Apparently most people are Rh positive (who knew?!). If the baby turns out to be Rh positive and our blood mixes, my body could start creating antibodies to battle the Rh factor. Essentially, the baby would be treated as an intruder by my body and would obviously produce complications. To prevent this, I will be given a shot of Rh immunoglobulin (RhIg) to minimize any reactions that might occur to Rh positive blood cells at 28 weeks. It sounds like the chances of anything bad happening are very slim with the shot so I’m not too worried about it right now!

After that, we were brought into the examination room and we had our ultrasound! The ultrasound at this point in my pregnancy was done trans-vaginally instead of your typical jelly-on-the-belly ultrasound because at this stage, my doctor wants to be sure as to the placement of every component in the uterus. Very quickly we saw the black negative space, which is fluid (very good to see), and there it was, our baby!! Baby H looks like a little jellybean, and we could see the little leg stubs and arm stubs (which were moving–SO cool!). Even better, we could see that little heart thumping nice and strong! I can’t even tell you how excited we were to see and hear that everything was perfect, the baby looked good, and my body was doing what it was supposed to be doing. Seeing the baby on the screen was so surreal, I just can’t even explain it! The ultrasound definitely gave me relief and I’m even more excited knowing that little baby is doing great–it makes it all seem much more real. I can’t stop looking at this picture….that’s our baby, growing inside of me! This whole process and reading about the growth this little person is undergoing every week just blows me away–it truly is a miracle. What a gift!


2 thoughts on “First Ultrasound!!

  1. Don’t worry about being Rh negative. I was and got to have the shot with all 3. Granted a shot in the bum in no fun and a little painful but I was happy to know that it would help everything!

    • That is so great to know! I had no clue what blood type I was, let alone what Rh factor really meant until my appointment! Turns out my mother-in-law had the same thing so I’m glad I know a couple of people who have been through it and I know what to expect.

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