8 Weeks

Before my FIRST ULTRASOUND this Friday (EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!), I was told to go again and get more prenatal tests. Don’t worry–just routine screenings! This time I had a urine test and blood test (4 vials this time…yikes!) and they were searching for presence of antibodies, immunity to rubella, measles, HIV, etc. I got the call yesterday that all my lab tests came back and everything looks great! Now I am just waiting for that appointment on Friday…I’m SO anxious!! I jut want to see that little olive (that’s what size Baby H will be at 9 weeks!) and hear the heartbeat and know that everything is progressing the way it should. We also just want to get the all clear so we can finally announce the BIG news to everyone–our parents are dying to be able to tell everyone too lol 🙂

SYMPTOMS: Sore melons, bloating, fatigue, and nausea 😦 Luckily (knock on wood!), I have not thrown up but I’ve felt close–ugh. Some days it will only hit me at night and other days it’s all day. Whoever decided on the term “Morning Sickness” seriously had NO clue.

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Not yet but I’m thinking I may need a belly band in the near future!


SLEEP: I’m sleeping pretty well but no matter how much I sleep, I am still tired throughout the day.

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Going to the Destination Maternity store and buying my first 2 maternity tops for the future – couldn’t resist a sale!!

MISS ANYTHING?: Still my energy. Where are you?!



MOOD: Kind of all over the place! One word – hormones. You know that Nexus 7 tablet commercial where the boy is afraid of giving a speech and then one of his cute little classmates is smiling at him and at the end he searches “how to ask a girl out” – kills me every. time.

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: Raspberry :)

CRAVINGS?: I can’t say that I’m really craving anything in particular right now…


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