1st Appointment

Yesterday Daniel and I had our first experience at our new OB office! We were so excited walking in there and still felt that excitement when we left too 🙂 For our initial appointment we actually met with a Nurse Educator who works not only in that office, but also teaches classes at Sentara Princess Anne to expecting parents! Side note: Sentara Princess Anne is where Baby H will arrive!! 🙂 🙂 She was super nice and talked with us about any questions we might have, what I could expect at future appointments and what my next appointment will be like with the actual OB. She also gathered our medical history and it just reaffirmed to me how blessed we are to be healthy–that means less to worry about with baby! Before we left, she gave us a big info packet with a couple of magazines, documents, prenatal vitamin samples, and orders for my round of prenatal testing. Speaking of which, I’m going to go off on a little tangent for a moment…

I am and always have been very afraid of needles. The majority of my experiences with getting blood drawn end with me passed out, no joke. I don’t watch them prep anything and I DEFINITELY don’t watch the blood drip into that vial but it always seems like no matter what, boom, I’m out. However, the last 3 times that I’ve gone (2 of which have been during this pregnancy so far) I have been fine!! I don’t know what has changed because I know its all psychological but if it stays this way through the MANY times I will have to get stuck during this pregnancy I will be happy!

Aaaaand, I’m back. Just pretty much to tell you that I’m really excited about everything and I still can’t stop reading. The cutest thing ever? Always catch Daniel looking up different pregnancy things on his phone or laptop – it just melts my heart! 🙂


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