We’re Gonna Be Parents!!!

Daniel and I are still in shock. Is this real?! At this point, it is so early in my pregnancy that I have to keep reminding myself (for the 3 days it’s been since we found out haha) there’s a growing human in there! I am a ball of a thousand emotions right now. Nervous, shocked, excited, loved, unsure, motivated….just to name a few. Most of all, I just feel pure happiness. I’m happy that God has decided to bless us with such a gift, that my husband and I have so much love between us a baby will just make us burst, that we have so much loving support from family and friends, and that we will have a complete and true representation of our love in little Baby Herring. How much more could a girl ask for?

I’m hoping that this blog will serve as a way to help me keep all of our family and friends updated on how things are going and to journal this adventure for myself as well!



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